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With Mohop's patented system of interchangeable ribbon ties, you can create dozens (or hundreds or even more!) of custom-fit styles with one pair of our vegan and eco-friendly soles! Handmade from scratch in USA, Mohop shoes come with 7 sets of ribbons as well as inspiration cards illustrating several ways to style them. Mohop shoes are guaranteed to be among the most fun and comfortable shoes you've ever worn!



Our Autumn 2014 collection features our signature ergonomic padded footbeds and a customizeable fit with buckles and/or interchangeable ribbon ties.


 Our Moped collection features flexible soles and an elegant profile. From flats to 3.5" (89mm) wood wedge heels, Moped shoes are available in a variety of styles and colors.


Carved from lovely, lightweight American linden wood, our Mokobo collection is inspired by the simple shapes and natural finish of traditional Japanese footwear.


Our high-end collection is custom made from a tracing of your feet.  Available in a variety of heel heights, colors and styles, all in our most luxurious finishes, these are literally hand-shaped sculptures for your feet.