BESPOKE hand-sculpted [mid clog]
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Our bespoke Mohop sandals are completely custom made for you using a tracing of your foot, and you choose all your personalized details!  This mid clog style is about 2.5" (6.4cm) tall with a 1.25" (3.2cm) platform.  With their ergonomically carved footbed and shock-absorbing sole, these shoes super comfy for walking.

We have several custom options for you to design your own one-of-a-kind pair! Please select the following in the menus above:


Wood color: We offer three types of sustainably-sourced American woods, mostly reclaimed from Chicago's urban forest. WALNUT is a chocolate-brown wood; CHERRY is a warm caramel wood; MAPLE is a light neutral wood. Please note that due to the character of reclaimed woods, your pair will have its own unique grain and may have small knots, checks or markings that add to the natural charm :)


Footbed color: The vegan leather or suede that sits under your foot. Our faux materials are the most luxurious available: composed of 100% nylon (no PVC, vinyl or rubber!), more  breathable and durable than animal leather, and made in USA.  


Loop layout: The 3-LOOP THONG style features a loop between the big and second toes plus three loops along the side of the shoe - these are the perfect breezy summer sandals! The toe loop is also optional on the slide and peeptoe styles - you can tuck it under your toes when not used; most people find that it's noticable underfoot but not uncomfortable. The 5-LOOP SLIDE style allows you to create a variety of slip-on and ankle-tie looks while maintaining toe freedom.  The 6-LOOP PEEPTOE style has more toe coverage for the toe-shy or for cool weather styling.  (Some people find that the front loops can pinch toes, but you don't always have to use the front loops!)


Loop color: The color of our patented loops through which you lace your ribbon ties.


Nail color: The color of the studs along the top sides of the shoe.



Soling color: This is the rubber outsole on the bottom of the shoe.  BLACK looks great with all wood colors; ESPRESSO is a very dark brown that also coordinates with all wood colors; and LIGHT CARAMEL is a golden tan that works best with cherry and maple.


After ordering your custom pair, please stand on a sheet of standard paper and have a companion trace your larger foot (or each of your feet).  Please trace around the foot twice: once with the pen/pencil angled under the foot, and once with the pen/pencil totally vertical. If you email the tracings (to, please provide dimensions for the length and width of the tracing so we can verify scale.  Alternately, you can mail the tracings to: Mohop, 700 North Carpenter Street, Lower Level, Chicago Illinois 60642.  Please provide your order number on all correspondence.

Please note, production time for current orders is 1-2 weeks! We lovingly handcraft these shoes from scratch, just for you, and his exquisite artisanship takes time, dears! If you have a special occasion approaching, please contact us at  to see if we can accommodate your deadline.

Each pair of sandals comes with a variety of five ribbon sets from one of three sets listed below. That's 5 pairs in one! And we'll send illustrated cards showing 7 different ways to tie (some shown above). So right there, you have 35 pairs of shoes in one! Shoe heaven!!! 

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  • a printer with standard letter or A4 paper
  • a credit card
  • a dark pen or marker
  • a smartphone

1. Click here to print out the template. Be sure that your printer is set to print FULL SIZE (not "fit to page"). Verify the printout is the correct size by holding a credit card to the MOHOP graphic.

2. Align the back of your heel bone with the target near the corner of the printout. Place your foot on the sheet so your heel and the crotch between your big toe and second toe are both centered on the dashed line.

3. With your weight on your foot, trace around your foot twice, once with the pen straight up (perpendicular to the floor), and once with the pen angled under your foot. Please also mark your "toe crotch". 

4. Find the "Upload File" at the bottom of the customization column and press "Choose File" to access your camera phone. From above, carefully align the template within the boundaries of the phone and take the photo.  For an extra accurate upload, turn on the gridlines and align the grids (Iphone). If you'd prefer to order through a computer, you may need to first email yourself the photo so you can save it to your computer for uploading.

5. Wait for Mohop's robots and artisans to do our magic: making a totally unique, custom pair just for you!

*ALTERNATE METHOD: mail your foot tracing to us at the address below. Ideally, please trace your foot on our template and trace twice as described in step 3 above. If you don't have access to a printer, you can trace on plain paper, but please expect delays. Be sure to write your order number and name on your tracing!

Mohop . 700 North Carpenter Street, Lower Level . Chicago, Illinois 60642

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