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Moonflower High Heel Ankle - Mohop

Moonflower High Heel Ankle

Cute and comfy? Have your cake and eat it too with our moonflower high heel ankle platform sandals. Plus they are crafted from vegan, sustainably sourced materials so you can also feel good about your sandals too! 

Each pair of linden wood platforms is ergonomically carved with arch support and gentle cupping at the heel and ball-of-foot. The 4" tall heel and 1.5" platform provides a stable 2.5" rise from the toe for considerable walkability.  Also our high platforms exclusively feature the walnut heel option for a stunning eco-modern look.

The wood base is topped with a quarter-inch of heavenly cloud padding lined with vegan suede to provide soft, yet structural, cushion under the foot. Combined with durable "clomp free" rubber soling and the inherent shock absorbing nature of wood, our bases create a sturdy, comfortable foundation for all day footwear!

Comfort continues upward through our vegan suede lined uppers.  Each toe and ankle strap upper is laser cut with adjustability in mind, hand riveted for durability and skillfully nailed giving your feet the perfect fit.