Men's Toe-Strap Sandal
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Not currently available.  New styles returning for 2019

BUCKLES! BUCKLES! BUCKLES! Please note we are now using buckles instead of Velcro. Updating pics coming soon! Email for more info.


Our new men's collection is crafted in Chicago from technologically-advanced materials and processes. 

This toe-loop style is ultra cool and modern, but is incredibly comfy for all-day, everyday wear. With hundreds of color combinations to choose from, you are sure to find a pair to suit your style! 

The footbed of this shoe is digitally carved from a 3D representation of YOUR foot. For each pair of shoes, we create a unique 3D model that takes into account your individual proportions and foot shape, including specific support at the arch, metatarsus, toes, and heel.

The ergonomically-carved footbed is composed of a material known as Cloud for its light weight and superior shock-absorption properties.  The footbed and upper lining is padded with high-end vegan suede.

Our vegan leather and suede is made in North Carolina, using the same space-age chemistry used to develop bullet-proof glass and high performance aircraft components. The nylon microfibers are laid 3-dimensionally, similar to the natural structure of leather, resulting in the breathability of leather but with superior durability.

We can accommodate a variety of special circumstances, such as two different size feet, two different sole heights, etc. Please describe your request in the comments section at checkout. Feel free to contact us with any questions or comments at shoes [at]

Our current lead time for this style is about 1-2 weeks. Please refer to our terms for shipment time and other info. You may return or exchange your order for any reason as long as you try your shoes INDOORS ONLY! Thanks!!!


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  • a printer with standard letter or A4 paper
  • a credit card
  • a dark pen or marker
  • a smartphone

1. Click here to print out the template. Be sure that your printer is set to print FULL SIZE (not "fit to page"). Verify the printout is the correct size by holding a credit card to the MOHOP graphic.

2. Align the back of your heel bone with the target near the corner of the printout. Place your foot on the sheet so your heel and the crotch between your big toe and second toe are both centered on the dashed line.

3. With your weight on your foot, trace around your foot twice, once with the pen straight up (perpendicular to the floor), and once with the pen angled under your foot. Please also mark your "toe crotch". 

4. Find the "Upload File" at the bottom of the customization column and press "Choose File" to access your camera phone. From above, carefully align the template within the boundaries of the phone and take the photo.  For an extra accurate upload, turn on the gridlines and align the grids (Iphone). If you'd prefer to order through a computer, you may need to first email yourself the photo so you can save it to your computer for uploading.

5. Wait for Mohop's robots and artisans to do our magic: making a totally unique, custom pair just for you!

*ALTERNATE METHOD: mail your foot tracing to us at the address below. Ideally, please trace your foot on our template and trace twice as described in step 3 above. If you don't have access to a printer, you can trace on plain paper, but please expect delays. Be sure to write your order number and name on your tracing!

Mohop . 700 North Carpenter Street, Lower Level . Chicago, Illinois 60642

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