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We make better things - and make things in a better way

We believe it’s our RESPONSIBILITY to create durable, comfortable, and delightful products in ways that are significantly less exploitative of people, animals and the environment.


We love our fellow humans, including women and young people in the developing world. Exploitation in the fashion industry is rampant and heartbreaking, so our steadfast focus is developing cutting-edge processes that enable us to efficiently produce within our own workshop in the US, where we can fully maintain optimal work conditions - and make our days fun!

100% VEGAN

We’re suckers for animals - and the idea of turning them into cute accessories is… not so cute. Plus, factory farming is one of the most significant contributors to pressing issues such as climate change, air pollution, environmental degradation and the reduction of biodiversity. We never use plastic-coated fake leathers such as vinyl, PVC and PU. Our leather-look material is 100% nylon, an incredibly durable space-age material produced in a reduced-impact factory on the East Coast.

Our wood is sustainably-sourced in the Midwest. Here’s the thing: demand for lumber encourages sustainable forestry and reforestation, while demand for animal products drives deforestation, in order to clear land for cattle farms. Let’s bring back trees!


The key to the truly luxurious quality of our designs is the human touch. While we incorporate innovative materials and methods in the creation of our components, every item we produce is individually handmade by Justin and Annie. Each shoe is hand sculpted, each bag hand riveted - we truly believe that we make among the highest quality footwear and fashion accessories produced anywhere in the world.  


We strive to make products that work for every body. One of the most important benefits to our production innovations is the ability to make shoes and bags for people of every shape and size. While we have created one of the widest range of sizes available anywhere, if you need a smaller or larger shoe than listed, or need a longer strap on your bag - just let us know! There is typically no additional charge if you need a size not listed.

our story

Mohop was founded in 2005 by architect Annie Mohaupt when she had a hankering to make shoes. Having grown up on a sheep farm, Annie felt a connection to animals and nature - and having flat feet, Annie needed her designs to provide orthopedic support. Mohop was launched with the goal of combining Annie’s love of 3D design and engineering with her passion for sustainability and desire for comfortable and supportive footwear.

Co-founder Justin Walker joined Mohop in 2012. Like Annie, Justin was a transplant to Chicago from rural Illinois, and shares a love of nature and a DIY spirit. As a team, Justin and Annie are fiercely dedicated to developing innovative, 21st century processes that will lead the way to bringing fashion production back to the United States.

mohop on the small screen

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thoughtfully combining sustainable materials, emerging technologies, and artisanal techniques