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Shoe Size Guide

Size inclusivity is one of our core values. We've collected and analyzed foot tracings from thousands of customers and combined that data with a study of 1.2 million 3D foot scans to develop a proprietary fit algorithm that encompasses 35 length sizes and 4 width sizes.


1) The easiest method is to just choose the size you typically wear. Most people feel our sizing is pretty standard.

2) If you'd like to double check your size, we recommend tracing and measuring your feet as shown below.

3) If you'd like a custom size, or for an accurate and data-rich understanding of your feet, get them scanned at a local store that has a 3D ALBERT FOOT SCANNER: Aetrex Store Locator Email the results to yourself, then forward to us at shoes<at>mohop dotcom or provide a link in the notes section of your order.

4) For the most custom fit, which we recommend if your foot anatomy is on the unique side, book an appointment for a free consultation at our storefront at 1659 W Chicago Ave in Chicago. With our in-house scanner, we will download a 3D model of your feet and create a truly bespoke fit. 


We recommend tracing your foot (or having someone else trace your foot) while standing. Measure the length of your foot from the tip of your big toe to the end of the heel, then measure the width at the widest part of the ball of your foot.

Foot tracing diagram

Women's Shoe Size Chart in Inches


Women's Shoe Size Chart in Centimeters and EU Size Conversion


Tips + Notes:

Try to trace with a thin pen or pencil held vertically and closely to your foot, and visually verify that the tracing is neither bigger nor smaller than the outline of your foot. If your feet are slightly differently sized (which is common), use the measurements of the larger foot - or if they are substantially different, trace each foot and let us know each size in the notes section at checkout so we can make your pair in two different sizes. 

If your feet fall outside our 140 available sizes, please email us your 3D foot scan and/or mail your tracings to us so we can make a completely custom pair for you! Our mailing address is: MOHOP, 2322 7th Avenue, Rockford IL 61104.